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    Speaker, educational psychologist, entrepreneur, education technology innovator, Yasmin Mubarak is the founder and CEO of Modern Learning Studio, a company specializing in innovation in educational technologies and providing personalized learning.

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  • Mission

    It's my mission to inspire you to become your most important mentor and to guide you on how to help your self-improvement and growth.


    For Your Business Organization

    The real truth about success, What the Top 1% Do Differently, Why They Won't Tell You, and How You Can Do It Anyway! Optimize production and hike up sales with well-trained staff in your organization. Reduce burn-outs and increase purpose by making a positive working environment.

    For Your School

    A school is a child's first social platform. It is the duty of the educator to make it a place of development. Our teacher-training programs and student learning enrichment and personal development programs are the ultimate tools that you can use to make your school a leading education center.

    For Your Kids

    Your kids are like wet cement. The best shape is made with the finest skills. Yasmin Mubarak is well-experienced in training children after working with over thousands of them on an 8-year journey as a trainer.


    Blueprint for Success

    Learn to apply the core skills that differentiate
    achievers & top leaders.

  • Transform Your Life & Career

    Identify Growth Opportunities

    How do your leadership skills rank against the top leaders and managers in the world? We'll identify your biggest opportunities for career growth.

    Get Timely Feedback

    Our coaching pairs you with an experienced manager on the problems you're facing right now.

    Achieve Immediate Results

    We coach and teach within the context of your current work with a focus on immediate results.

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    His mission,

    It's to inspire you to become your most important mentor, and to guide you on how to help your self-improvement and growth.

    Modern Learning Technologies Inc

    Modern Learning Studio

    Coaching and Learning for Life

    IACED- International Academy of Child and Early Childhood Development

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