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    Amal International School holds Leadership Training Amal International-School holds Leadership-Training Camp for prefects

    Amal International School, Colombo had a Leadership Training Camp for their prefects on 8 and 9 August at ADRT, Jamiah Naleemiah, China Fort, Beruwala. It was conducted by author, psychologist, consultant and trainer Yasmin Mubarak.

    Astro Avani -Malaysia

    Learning to Lead - a huge success

    Learning to Lead, Leadership workshop now integrates English and Presentation skills for personality development together with Education Times is sponsored by Northshore College. The latest workshop of the series took place at Muthur, Trincomalee last weekend.

    The venue was filled with young and enthusiastic participants from various groups of people from diverse communities. They were full of life and dreams. We were really very encouraged by their enthusiasm and appreciation. Trainer and life coach, Yasmin Mubarak did an excellent job in bringing out the potential in those students by motivating them and boosting their self-confidence.

    The participants were grateful that they were able to take part in such a workshop because they had never experienced a similar training program. The participants said that this was the first time someone came down to talk to them about Leadership and Leadership Skills Development. They were children from war-affected families and some of them were victims of Tsunami and natural disasters. They had experienced various setbacks in their life and had little motivation to achieve success. They said that they lacked guidance

    Winner’s mindset workshop.

    Can one-hour transform your life? Did you know it was possible? "Just give me 60 minutes, I will show you how you can repurpose and redesign every aspect of your life towards success – your life did not just happen to you – you chose it!’’ says Yasmin Mubarak (M.Sc. Edu. Psy.), trainer and life coach, when commenting on the Winner’s mindset workshop.

    Empowering Sussex

    A very interactive guidance program with the principals of Sri Lanka's largest private school network at Sussex College, Nugegoda.

    Winners Mindset

    Come and join us on the 3rd and 4th of October at BMICH.

    Until then keep practicing this powerful technique for upgrading your consciousness and your mindset. Every time you catch yourself thinking a negative thought, ask yourself this: “Is this what I want to create?” If it's not, immediately change the thought and replace it with one that will create what you desire! You are what you think. Always foster positive thinking with positive thoughts that replace the negative thoughts.

    Empowering Kids

    At the opening episode of an inter-school competition program "Pancha Thandiram" in Shakthi TV presented by MTV MBC in collaboration with the Ministry of Education.


    Here is an article on Daily Mirror today. Come and meet us on the 13th at Royal College Union Skills Center. Hurry up and get registration number at CYF

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