• Discover The Fastest, Most Effective Way To Go From Where You Are Now… To Living A BIG Life with Abundance, Freedom & Passion!

    I am Yasmin Mubarak. My mission is to inspire you to become your most important mentor and to guide you on how to help your self-improvement and growth.

    I specialize in helping kids and teenagers to develop motivation, discipline, and resilience.

    I do this by equipping them with a positive mindset and skills for success in school – and beyond.


    Blueprint for Ultimate Success

  • Discover The Most Powerful Techniques Used By Extraordinary Achievers Around The World

    What do you associate with the word “success”? Is it money, power, intelligence, beauty,or popularity?

    Society has a very narrow definition of success. People like Bill Gates, Mohamed Ali, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Usain Bolt,and Richard Bradson are widely considered to be successful. But if only the top 0.1% of performers in your field are considered successes, does that mean the other 99.9% of us are condemned to be failures?


    We see a lot of people wanting to achieve a diversity of goals, may it be life goals, academic goals, career goals, or financial goals but do they all achieve them all? Why is it that some of us are good at getting what we aim for, while others fail at it? It is where the Mindset works. All of the people who are successful have certain traits that are different from other ordinary people. The Winner’s Mindset workshop is all about learning the winner's secrets.


    This is a research-based workshop that has carefully analyzed hundreds of Achievers and winners' lifestyle and their life-changing secrets.


    In this Workshop, Yasmin Mubarak re-examines the whole notion of success and failure and guides the audience through the process of developing their own personal definition of success. Through the sharing of his challenges, setbacks, and newly found insights, he shows you that finding success on the terms set by others isn’t success at all.


    Yasmin Mubarak illustrates what true, lasting success is all about.


    Create a productivity blueprint fueled by your purpose, passion, and vision, and walk away with a new approach to your career and life!


    Blueprint for Ultimate Success

    Workshop include 7 Steps of transforming you as a winner “

    1. LOOK

    Identify the Real You and your Comfort Mindset

    2. SNAP

    Define your success in your own way

    3. CREATE

    Set the goals based on your definition of success

    4. CONNECT

    Finding inspiration and motivation

    5. MODIFY

    Create habits that surround your goals

    6. EMPOWER

    Install the "Winners MINDSET"


    Start your winners journey

  • BCA-Blueprint for Creating Achievers

    “Making an Achiever Out of Every Student”


    I was in search of a program that would help my child understand herself, her fears, her emotions and her beauty and I found it with this amazing program... My daughter said you were great. Every time she came home from your class, she was full of energy and highly dynamic...She found that this Empowerment program taught her a lot about herself. The sessions were resourceful and Yunara learned a lot from the sessions. Thank you, sir.

    Mrs Jayaweera: Parent

    "THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! It was so great to be a part of something so wonderful. Thank you for helping us be proactive about teaching our children. You're dedicated, knowledgeable and easy to be with. You made a very difficult subject easier to grasp and get a hold of without making it scary. You are a wonderful teacher, a powerful speaker and to say it frankly…you really know your stuff! Everyone was very impressed and you left them thinking which is fabulous."

    Mrs Tanya: Parent

    “Thanks again for the wonderful and informative presentation. My husband and I have started working some of your ideas into our family life. Tonight we started playing the “favorites” game at dinner. I actually got some info about my daughter’s school day, which was a nice change.” Thanks a lot for introducing mind, body, and soul time

    Mrs Hussain: Teacher

    The Discover your genius is absolutely terrific! I feel these are important life skills all children should have. I have seen such a positive difference in my daughter who participated in the program. What a great opportunity it would be to incorporate this program into all schools. As a teacher, I can see such great benefit if all students would be able to receive this gift and how it would build character and confidence in students. Thank you Sir for inspiring children to be empowered and for magically touching children's lives. You are truly a guardian angel for all children!

    Yasasvi Kulasekera

    I feel much more confident than I felt before. I really can see the difference. Before I was all shy and I used to hide but now I don't need to hide when I feel shy and nervous. It was a good learning experience. I learned to get rid of my fears and be strong. ... It really helped me and had fun along the way. I want more!

    Roshan: Student

    Our son loved to come to your Holiday Camp Program sessions. He became more confident in him self and with the tools you have provided him he will know better how to handle upcoming situations. We truly believe that many other kids can benefit from such a program and would highly recommend it!!

    T Dulani: Parent

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